Défi Fous Alpin

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Dernière mise à jour: 1er juin 2017


Nombres de sommets:


Dons amassés:


Montagnes # Participants
Marcy (1629m) 0 -
Algonquin (1559m) et Iroquois (1475m) 5 Gabrielle St-Jean (Leader), Jeremy Begot, Josée Béland,Jean-Philippe MacKay, Anaïs Garençon
Haystack (1512m) 2 Sebastien Loyer (leader), Arnaud Blanchard
Skylight (1501m) et Gray (1475m) 0 -
Whiteface (1483m) et Esther (1292m) 4 Geraldine Trouillard (leader), Bruno Germain, Sara Potau, Catherine Morin,
Dix (1481m) et Hough (1341m) 0 -
Basin (1471m) et Saddleback (1376m) 2 Luc Massicotte (leader), Gaby Gamarra
Gothics (1444m) 1 Maxime Lemieux (leader), Martin Robert, Steeve Gagnon, Jean-Philippe Bosset, Marc-André Simard
Sawteeth (1250m) 9 André-Jean Desormeaux (leader), Céline Desormeaux, Geneviève Boivin,David Lachance , Julie Vézina, Caroline Martin,
, Marie-Joelle Miron, Julie Villemaire, Évelyne Fleury
Colden (1437m) 3 Guy Dubuc (leader), Fanny Perron,Alexandre Ackaoui Asselin
Giant (1410m) Rocky Peak (1347m) et Bald Peak (933m) 6 Éric Gosselin (leader), Cristine Quintal, Guylaine Boulanger,Sophie Bordeleau, Johanne Boucher, Amélie Gallant
Nippletop (1408m) et Dial (1225m) 2 Karen Lavoie, Stéphane Lavoie
Santanoni (1404m), Panther (1354m) et Couchsachraga (1164m) 0 -
Redfield (1404m) et Cliff (1207m) 0 -
Wright Peak (1396m) 1 Thomas Brady (leader)
Table Top (1349m) et Phelps (1268m) 2 Marina Fressancourt (leader), Karen Poupart
Macomb (1343m), South Dix (1237m) 1 Josée Desgagné (leader)
East Dix (1223m) 1 Jean-Francois Cabana (leader)
Armstrong (1341m), Upper Wolfjaw (1276m) et Lower Wolfjaw (1273m) 1 Louis-Pierre Landron (leader)
Seward (1329m), Donaldson (1262m), Seymour (1256m) et Emmons (1231m) 0 -
Marshall (1329m) 0 -
Allen (1323m) 0 -
Big Slide (1292m) 4 Edouard Shaar (leader), Félix-Antoine Robert, Marie-Eve Gagnon,Mathieu Godin
Street (1270m) et Nye (1187m) 10 Caroline Gref (leader), Claudette Benoit, Geneviève Dubé, Pierre-Luc Perreault, Johanne Lavoie, Jérôme Grenon, Gisèle Lamarche,
Stéphane Beauséjour, J-Françcois Pedneaut, Jonathan Morin-Émond
Cascade (1249m) et Porter (1237m) 1 Michel Fréchette (leader)
Colvin (1237m) et Blake Peak (1207m) 0 -
Moose (1188m) et McKenzie (1177m) 0 -
Hurricane (1126m) 3 Danielle Vibien (leader), Arielle Massicotte, Sophie Ligier
Jay Mountain (1097m) 7 Frédéric Allard (leader), Chantal Bourgeois,Lyne Côté, Linda Fournier, Anick Fournier, Catherine Leger, Jérôme Bernier
Pitchoff (1097m) 0 -
Noonmark (1084m) 0 -
Ampersand (1022m) 0 -
Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge (970m) 0 -
Hopkins (970m) 4 Donald Black, Joanie Théberge-Barrette, Frédéric Hélie-Martel,Christine Théberge-Barrette
Catamount (965m) 0 -
Round (940m) 0 -
Blueberry (881m) 0 -
Mont Jo (877m) 3 Sophie Retailleau (leader), Laurent Dupuy, Benjamin Dupuy
St. Regis (876m) 1 Genevièeve Dubé
Rooster Comb (850m) 0 -
Indian Head (829m) 0 -
Baxter Mountain (744m) 0 -
Poke-O-Moonshine (664m) 0 -
Owl's Head (646m) 0 -
MacNaughton (1219 m) 7 Marie Tison (leader), Marc-André Blais, Mohammed Akalach, Martine Lamarche, Martin Perreault,
Lissa Coulombe, Magali Girard


The Montréal section of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) is proud to announce the second edition of the challenge Défi Fous Alpin that will take place at its Keene property, in the Adirondacks. The Défi Fous Alpin is an event to raise funds for Rando Québec. The challenge is to have small groups of maximum 15 people to summit simultaneously as many mountains as possible in the Adirondacks on June 17, 2017.

During the event, we will make hikes of different difficulty levels to help reach more people and promote the recreational and discovery component of hiking.

Each participant will have to make a donation to support the Jeunes en sentiers Program implemented by Rando Québec. The Jeunes en sentiers Program aims to fight sedentary behaviour and lack of nature among young persons. The funds raised will be used to support youth initiatives related to hiking. Most particularly, Rando Québec wants to encourage schools, teachers, and all other youth organizations by providing them means to introduce hiking to the youths. Therefore, the funds will be used to finance outdoor outings: help with bus transportation, access fees to trails or other fees related to the outings.

Our objective for donations is $ 15,000. You can make your donation online for Rando Québec at the following address: http://randoquebec.ca/defifousalpins/formulaire.html

Friday night :
• Welcoming participants.
• Free evening

• Departure the day before or in the morning depending on the difficulty of each mountain (the departure time of your hike will be confirmed a few days before by your leader).
• Ascent of 46 summits over 4,000 feet and family hikes.•
• From 4:30 pm: Reception of all participants, fundraising
• 6:30 pm: BBQ Meal A bracelet will be given to you at the check-in desk.
• 9:00 pm: Speech on the cause Rando Québec and results of the fundraising
• Festive evening with musicians

Sunday :
• Site cleaning and repackaging

Use google maps or mapquest to locate the following address: 193 Styles brook
road, Keene (NY) 12942 (http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=106177311759366110668.00000113...)
Once you are on Styles brook road, drive 1.6 km and there is a sign on the left with reflectors indicating Alpine Club – Section Montreal. Look at the map of the property, it will help you to locate everything on the property.

Note that you must follow the rules when you visit Keene Farm (http://dev.accmontreal.ca/public-docs/keene_visitor_handbook_en_2014.pdf ). Make sure to bring ALL your garbage, bottles and garbage back to the event (ZERO GARBAGE).
During the event, people are invited to bring your cutlery, chairs and folding tables, on the recommendation of the use of recyclable plates to limit the use of the water pump.

See FAQ for other questions about Keene Farm (shower, potable water, dog, etc.)

Please :
• No vehicle is allowed on the meadows. You must park in the parking lots.
• RV vehicles and tent trailers are not allowed on the site. Vehicule like Westfalia or Safari Condo are allowed, but you must park in the parking lots.
• Don’t smoke anywhere on the property, except in the lower parking lot.
• Respect quiet Time and Lights Out from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
• Don’t put anything else other than wood in the fire pit.
• Don’t make any campfires other than at the existing fire pit near the shelter (lower meadow).
• Don’t wash dishes closer than 50 feet from the water pump.
• Don’t leave coolers, food or garbage at your campsite when you leave (be aware that food may attract bears and raccoons).
• Don’t leave food in your tent even if you are at your campsite.
• Clean up grills, pots, pans, cooking utensils, wash basins after all meals.
• Keep your campsite as clean as possible.
• Take home all your left over food.
• Take your garbage and recyclables home.
• Check you don’t forget anything before you leave.
• Leave the property at least in the same condition than you found it.

Please :
• Use clean footwear (sandals) in the house, no outdoor footwear.
• Don’t smoke anywhere on the property, except in the lower parking lot.
• Respect quiet Time and Lights Out from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
• Don’t open flames inside the hut or on the balconies (no fondues, candles, Coleman lanterns, BBQs…).
• Ask the custodian to start and take care of the stoves, only him is to start and tend fires (stoves are to be used only during the heating season).
• Chop any wood out-of-doors.
• Use the wood on the porch the kitchen stove only. The wood for the living room stove is located below the porch.
• Don’t put anything else than wood and paper in the stove (no plastic, cellophane, aluminum).
• Keep your things together in a tidy manner and make room for others.
• Fill water containers at the water pump.
• Wash dishes in the sink, not close to the water pump.
• Use your own toilet paper.
• Bring your biodegradable soap and your linens.
• Wash, dry and store all kitchenware you use.
• Don’t drain anything else than dishwater down the sink. Remove any grease and solids.
• Wipe counters, tables and stoves.
• Keep food in a sealed container to avoid attracting mice.
• Do not store your food/cooler outside (because of bears and raccoons).
• Take home all your left over food
• Take your garbage and recyclables home.
• Leave the property at least as in same condition than you found it.

There will be a single rate (member and non-member) at this event. Online payment is required for the event.
• Refuge: $ 15 per night
• Camping: $ 10 per night

If you have an annual pass, registration for accommodation is compulsory. You will receive a promotional code by contacting outings@alpineclubmontreal.ca.

What is the role of the leader during the hikes?
Each hike will have its referent leader. The leader will have to ensure the safety of the group (the transport leader a first aid kit), facilitate the organization and logistics of his group (it is not obligatory to leave with the group), take a photo at the top with l Poster, send the photo to the photo-video manager. You can also launch challenges between mountains (other leaders) for a larger collection of donations.

What are the possible transportation / parking solutions to get to the event?
Car-pooling is preferred to limit GHG emissions and to avoid parking problems. Volunteers will be there to direct you for parking. There will be a communication campaign about carpooling available following your registration.

Is there drinking water at Keene Farm?
There is drinking water at Keene Farm. The water pump is located up near the shelter.

Are there showers at Keene Farm?
There is no shower at Keene Farm. Plan ahead!

Are dogs accepted at Keene Farm?
Dogs on a leash are tolerated, to the extent that the owner is responsible. In case the dog is not under full control, the owner is asked to leave immediately.

How can I volunteer at the event?
We need several volunteers during the event (parking, reception, camping, shelter, meal, fire management, water management, site cleanliness, photo / video manager, hiking leader).
Do not forget that you can also volunteer and hike. By being a volunteer, you help to support the organization of the event.
If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact outings@alpineclubmontreal.ca

How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?
If you have any questions, you can write to us at outings@alpineclubmontreal.ca