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Learning new skills - Trying new sports

Part of the club's mission is to encourage its members to enjoy recreation safely, responsibly and enjoyably, to develop technical and leadership skills, and to learn from others. So in addition to offering an outings program the section also schedules a series of courses and workshops.

Courses are taught by local qualified instructors and can range from one to several days in length. Common topics are wilderness first aid, orienteering,
wilderness survival, rock climbing and rescue, avalanche safety, ice climbing, telemark skiing, and winter camping are offered.
At a national level we offer summer, winter and ski mountaineering adventures, custom guiding and leadership training.

Workshops are not an alternative to courses but a complement. They are an informal way for members to share
knowledge amongst themselves. Workshop subjects can be anything from wildlife identification to rock rescue techniques. They can also be a great opportunity to review knowledge learned in courses.

For those who are just starting out or who want to improve their skills ACC Montreal is offering a series of courses for the expert and beginner alike.

Here are some courses and workshops our club is offering.

Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing

Beginners to advanced climbing courses are offered.
- Initiation on Rock and Ice
- Transition [anchor building]
- Lead Climbing: Sport, Traditional on Rock and on Ice
- Rock Rescue
- ... and more...

All courses and workshops are given with en emphasis on becoming autonomous and on safety.


Mountaineering can be an extreme sport, a very dangerous one if you are not prepared.Our section offer courses for basic alpine skills including rope work, walking with crampons, crevasse rescue and more.

We also offer basic training and mountain adventures to practice and improve your new skills with experienced guides. Being exposed on a variety of terrain and situations with experienced people acting as a mentor is the privileged approached.

The national club also offer more extensive courses.

Skiing: Cross­Country, Back­Country, Telemark and Alpine Touring

Our members offers a serie of workshops to learn and improve backcountry skills.
These includes sessions on
­- backcountry ski for people who already do cross­country ski on groomed trails
- ­telemark initiation, a step beyond down­hill ski style
- ... and more depending on members request...

Wilderness First Aid

It's already good to know what to do in case of an accident in the city with basic first aid courses. Out in the wild, when help is not only just minutes away, more has to be done.

Map & Compass

Learn how to find your way in the mountains using those cryptic topographical maps and the compass... when the GPS battery dies.

Rabates on courses

One of the advantages of being a member of the Montreal section is that you can get group discounts on courses that you would otherwise have to take at full price alone.

Along with such a discount a rebate will be given to courses participants who organize an outing (leader) following the course up tp 24 months after the course. The club pay an amount set by outing.